Moving Heavy Furniture

At any point in your life, whether you’re moving to a new home or just arranging some pieces of furniture, you might need to move heavy furniture by yourself. Hiring staff from a moving company can prove costly while asking friends to help may not be possible especially if you are in a hurry, In this case, some strategies can help you finish the job on your hand and save time, money and health.

Assess the furniture.

Firstly, start by assessing the shape, weight, and size of the furniture. If you need to move it through a door, narrow corridor or up the stairs, take some measurements. Assess what is the best way to wear furniture so that it passes by

Remove all necessary parts.

Clear all the contents of drawers, shelves, etc. Remove all boxes or shelves if possible, or if not, make sure they will not open when you’re moving them. You can simply hold a few bands over them. Disassemble any protruding parts.

Moving Machines: Rollers, Sliders, and Trolleys

Think about the surface over which you move furniture, whether it’s level, uneven, or sensitive to damage. Buying some tools from the store can ease the work significantly. Lift each side of furniture one by one and slide one of the moving tools. Press under the furniture to the desired location. Another option is to use a roller or a trolley. Broom handle or rods can be used as rolls. Lift each side of furniture and push the rollers under. When using a cart, it’s a good idea to place the trolley next to a wall and then push the furniture forward.

Make it slippery.

Heavy appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, stoves and can be moved with less effort if you spread any detergent on the floor to reduce friction. Be careful not to slip! If you have to move a large refrigerator, stand behind the device, lean it toward yourself and move forward by first pushing one side and then the other.

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