DIY vs. Hiring a Moving Company

Moving is undoubtedly one of the most exasperating events in our lives. A lot of decisions ensue during the whole process, and every situation is different for everyone. You need to allow some time in preparing and packing to remain mentally sane. One of the most significant decisions you probably need to go over is whether you need to do the move yourself o hire a local moving company to save you the trouble.

Either of these can lead to a successful move and can be an advantage to whatever your situation calls for. Each has their pros and cons which we’ll dig deeper today for you reach the right decision. Here are some factors that you need to consider:

Amount of Stuff to be Moved

How much stuff you need to relocate can be a significant factor in deciding to go DIY or not. The more things you need to move, the more likely you’d want a reliable local moving company to help you out. If you fit everything on the back of your friend’s truck, then you would probably be capable of carrying out the whole move on your own. That’s if your friend is willing to borrow his vehicle or if you have the right sized van to finish the job. However, if you have a lot of rooms to fit in one truck, you need to hire movers who have large vehicles to haul your items in one go. Driving and moving your possessions may seem like an exciting adventure, but you need to make sure that you’re familiar with the road and the vehicle you’re using.

Extra tip: You may need to invest some time in sorting out your belongings so that you can reduce that amount of stuff you need to move. It’s also an excellent way to earn some money for your new space and lowering down your moving costs.

The Power of Friendship

A DIY move becomes a breeze if you have a lot of friends and family to help you. The only problem is if you can squeeze yourself in their schedules. They may have some critical appointments to attend to that may conflict your moving date. Make sure you get the commitment of your friends and family before deciding on a DIY move as the lack of workforce can affect the outcome. You also need to put in mind that your friends are not professionals when it comes to moving stuff and you can never dismiss the fact that some accidents may happen. If something gets broken, friendships might also be in ruins if emotions start to take over. On the other hand, hiring insured movers will make you breathe easy when they move your fragile glass table.

Consider the distance.

If you’re moving around the corner, it makes sense to make a DIY move. You can easily haul your items on a rented truck with ease, and multiple trips won’t even be a bother as you will just need to cover some small distance. However, you need to move to another city or state; you would be taking a lot of time off from your friends and family’s schedule. You would also be spending a lot of gas, and if there are several trips involved, you would be prepared to pitch in a lot of money. In this case, hiring a moving company would prove to be more affordable than going DIY.

It’s all about the budget.

Some people would not want to hire movers thinking that they can save a lot if they relocate by themselves. Before you do that though, you can use a moving calculator to get all your expenses figured out. You can even compare the costs involved in a DIY move and the costs of hiring a moving company. Having a clear picture of how much you would spend on each situation will help you determine which one is the most practical option.

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