Advance Preparation For Moving

According to several studies, moving ranks third in the classification of the factors causing stress, behind mourning the death of a loved one and dismissal. To prevent this excessive imbalance, you should start planning three to five weeks before the date chosen for the move. Those 15 or 20 days should be used to remove items that you will not bring and solve all administrative procedures that require some attention.

You have to start planning the move for three to five weeks before the chosen date

Things to prepare in advance

To begin, you must first get rid of all items that are not carried to your new home, whether old computers, furniture, toys or old clothes. Also, you have to reduce food and drinks stored at home progressively.

It is also essential to separate and store in a portfolio all relevant documentation such as invoices, contracts, bank statements, and tax information. You have to bring them personally to your new address to prevent getting lost or damaged. Important items should be easily accessible such as keys, documents, IDs, passports, credit cards, cash, etc.

You have to settle any outstanding bills and payment before you move. You should also update your new address to your banks, public utility companies, tax authorities, schools, etc.

As the date approaches, one week in advance, you must empty built-in cabinets and start cleaning rooms. Don’t forget your storage room or garage and return borrowed or rented items if there is any.

You have to go to all the rooms in the house to disconnect any electrical equipment that is already installed and remove the furniture according to the agreement with the company responsible for moving plan. It is also time to make a thorough review of all rooms, cabinets, and drawers to make sure there is nothing left in the house.

Ask your neighbors to leave sufficient parking space for moving. To do this, they should contact the administrator or the president of the community. You must specify the date and approximate time when the operation is performed.

Ask for insurance

Request for an insurance policy that protects your belongings and ensures efficient and safe transport of numerous objects. If the moving company doesn’t provide such insurance, contact a third party company. You will be able to provide insurance your furniture and other valuable objects which are more sensitive to suffer a mishap such as vases, porcelains, paintings, and antiques.

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